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CounterSwitchEx works in the same manner as CounterSwitch, implementing an N-way branch where the value of the indicated counter determines to which frame the jump will occur. The usage is as follows:

CounterSwitchEx(cnum, state)


  • cnum: Counter number to check. From 0 to 7.
  • state: Name of label, or offset, to jump to if the comparison returns true. Note that 'state' cannot refer to global name states (ie. EDF frame mnemonics); this codepointer is strictly for use with DECORATE states.

The frames to be jumped to need not be defined in a consecutive block in EDF, as it uses labels or offsets instead. The first state in this set is deemed to be frame #0. The value of the counter is considered to be zero-based, so that if it is equal to zero, the object will jump to frame #0 (the first state you provided). Unlike CounterSwitch, only the jumped-to state needs to be valid, though it will not jump if the state