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Calculates damage numbers the same way that one might for a tabletop role-playing game, rolling multiple dice with a certain number of sides. This value is then assigned or added to a counter.


CounterDiceRoll(ctr, multiplier, dicesides, staticdmg, setoradd, randomtype)


  • ctr: the counter to assign or add to (0 to 7)
  • multiplier: the multiplier of the dice outctome, or the number of dice to roll
  • dicesides: the number of sides each die has
  • staticdmg: static damage to add to the result regardless of dice roll outcome
  • setoradd: one of the following:
assign or 0: assigns the result of the calculation to ctr
add or 1: adds the result of the calculation to ctr
  • randomtype: one of the following:
multiplyone or 0: roll for damage once then multiply by multiplier and add staticdmg
rollmany or 1: roll for damage multiplier times, summing up the rolls, then add staticdmg


To set counter to a value between 3-24 with the same way occurrence as a melee imp attack:

A_CounterDiceRoll(0, 3, 8, 0, assign, multiplyone)


No particular notes.

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