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This is an ACS built-in function.

Counts the actors of type classname close to a tagged thing, returning TRUE if they're more (or less, depending on flags) than a given limit. It can also have the side effects (if flags set this way) to change a monster's target, among other things.


boolean CheckProximity(int tid, str classname, fixed distance[, limit[, flags]])


  • tid: TID of thing to check proximity of actors against. Only works for one tagged thing.
  • classname: class of actors to look for near the tagged thing. Supports both EDF names and ZDoom compatibility names.
  • distance: maximum distance (in fixed point) actors must be to tagged thing.
  • limit: number of actors to compare against. Without any specific flags, this function will return true if number is >= limit. Default: 1
  • flags: various flags. Default: none. NOTE: anything available in "zdefs.acs" but not mentioned here is unimplemented. The flags are:
  • CPXF_ANCESTOR or 1: count actor if classname belongs to one of its thingtype ancestors (using the inherits or colon syntax in the EDF thingtype).
  • CPXF_LESSOREQUAL or 2: function returns true if number of nearby actors is <= limit.
  • CPXF_NOZ or 4: do not calculate altitude difference between actors and tagged thing. By default, Z contributes to the distance.
  • CPXF_COUNTDEAD or 8: also count dead actors. By default they're skipped.
  • CPXF_DEADONLY or 16: only count dead actors.
  • CPXF_EXACT or 32: function returns true only if number of nearby actors is exactly limit.
  • CPXF_SETTARGET or 64: add the side effect of changing tagged thing's "target" (monster's enemy or projectile's originator) to one of the encountered actors. Combine this with CPXF_FARTHEST or CPXF_SLOWEST to pick a well-defined target. Otherwise it will prefer an arbitrary (but not random) one.
  • CPXF_SETTRACER or 256: add the side effect of changing tagged thing's "tracer" (seeker missile destination or MBF friend leader) to one of the encountered actors. Combine with same flags as for CPXF_SETTARGET.
  • CPXF_FARTHEST or 512: if setting target or tracer, pick the farthest actor found in distance range.
  • CPXF_CLOSEST or 1024: if setting target or tracer, pick the closest actor found in distance range.
  • CPXF_CHECKSIGHT or 4096: only pick actors to which a line of sight from tagged thing exists.

Returns TRUE if the conditions have been met.

Return value[edit]


No examples given.


No particular notes.

This function's identification in zspecial.acs is: -98:CheckProximity(3, 6).

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