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This is an ACS built-in function.

Changes tagged things' pitch angle.


void ChangeActorPitch(int tid, fixed angle, bool interpolate = FALSE)


  • tid: TID of things whose pitch to change.
  • angle: fixed point angle of pitch to set.
  • interpolate: optional, default FALSE. If TRUE, it will allow the view to transition smoothly to the new pitch, if targeted is the controlling player. FALSE will make the transition instant.

Return value[edit]



No examples given.


This function is same as SetActorPitch, but with the interpolate parameter added.

Currently only players have and use pitch for anything, so this function only makes sense for them.

Positive pitch means to look down, negative to look up.

Currently the player pitch is limited to a constant range. You can edit EDF gameproperties game.lookpitch* to customize this range, but the renderer will still impose a hard limit. Any excess value in angle will be capped.

This function's identification in zspecial.acs is: -80.

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