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UnSetFlags(flag_field, flags)

Parameter Information[edit]

  • Args1 (flag_field) = Select Bits Field (no default)
    • 0 = Any of the flags can be manipulated
    • 1 = Restrict to flags (original Doom & MBF flags)
    • 2 = Restrict to flags2
    • 3 = Restrict to flags3
    • 4 = Restrict to flags4
  • Args2 (flags) = Value to Inverse-Logical-AND with selected Bits field (default of 0 = 0). Use a succession of flag mnemonics separated by | (vertical bar), + or comma (,). You'll need to enclose the whole group in quotation marks if you use + or ,.

Purpose and usage[edit]

Removes the flags set in Args2 from the object's Bits field selected by Args1. This "turns off" effects controlled by those bits. Any flag may be removed by this codepointer.

See Thing type flags for a list of available flags.

See also: SetFlags