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New to BOOM: PassThru[edit]

Only one new linedef flag is added by BOOM, called PassThru, which allows a push or switch linedef trigger to pass the push action thru it to ones within range behind it. In this way Eternity is capable of setting off many actions with a single push. Note that the limitation of one floor action, one ceiling action, and one lighting action per sector affect still applies however. The new linedef flag is bit 9, value 512, in the linedef flags word.

Dec Bit 9      Description
0    0         Line absorbs all push actions as normal
512  1         Line passes push actions through to lines behind it

New to Eternity v3.31: 3DMidTex[edit]

Eternity, starting with v3.31, implements a new line flag called 3DMidTex, which causes 2S linedefs using it to clip objects using the height of their middle texture. Within the range of the texture's height, the lines are effectively solid and block players, monsters, and projectiles. Below or above, objects can pass freely. This enables very easy pseudo-3D effects. The new linedef flag is bit 10, value 1024, in the linedef flags word.

Dec Bit 10     Description
0    0         Linedef is normal with respect to clipping
1024 1         2S linedef clips objects with respect to mid texture

New to Eternity v3.33.33: reserved flag[edit]

As of Eternity Engine v3.33.33, line flag #11 with decimal value 2048 is considered reserved. If this bit is set on a line, all of its extended line flags from BOOM or later will be set to zero. This is required to repair erroneous maps such as Ultimate DOOM's E2M7.

Dec Bit 11     Description
0    0         Extended flags are normal
2048 1         Extended flags are cleared


Dec            Description
4096           Block walking monsters
8192           Block players