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A geom string is a special configuration setting in Eternity which allows specification of all of the characteristics of a video mode in a single string.


The syntax of a geom string is as follows:


Where WWWW is the width, between 320 and the maximum supported system window width; HHHH is the height, between 200 and the maximum supported system window height; and [flags] is an optional valid combination of the following single-letter specifiers:

Flag Description
w Selects windowed mode.
f Selects fullscreen mode.
d Selects fullscreen-desktop mode (where the interface is like a window covering the screen, without changing the monitor video mode).
a Selects "asynchronous" or non-page-flipped updating.
v Selects page-flipped updating.
s Selects "software" surface.
h Selects "hardware" surface (eg. DirectDraw acceleration)
n Creates primary window without a window frame, where supported.
Flag Description


The following are examples of valid geom strings.