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FireCGun is a player weapon codepointer. This codepointer implements the DOOM player's chaingun attack, which consists of a single missile-range tracer.






From base\frames.edf:

frame S_CHAIN1      { cmp = "CHGG|*|*|4|FireCGun   |@next";       dehackednum = 52 }
frame S_CHAIN2      { cmp = "CHGG|1|*|4|FireCGun   |@next";       dehackednum = 53 }


Accuracy will be perfect on the first shot, but will use "never" accuracy on subsequent shots. The tracer does standard player tracer damage determined by this formula, resulting in 5-15 damage:

damage = (random % 3 + 1) * 5

Unlike FirePistol, this codepointer will not fire a bullet if ammo count is 0. Firing sound will still be played.

If no DSCHGUN sound lump is present amongst all WAD files, the chgun sound effect will be dynamically remapped to DSPISTOL. This behavior allows the chaingun's default sound to be easily replaced without affecting the pistol, and is new as of SMMU.

For a customizable player bullet attack, see FireCustomBullets.

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