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This reference contains information on useful console commands and variables that work with the Eternity console, as well as pointers on console command syntax.

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  • This section incorporates text from the HTML Eternity documentation.

Notes on Special Command Syntax[edit]

Commands which take parameters may accept numbers, strings, or members of a predefined set of values.

 $ delay 50
 $ spawn 249 1
 $ name Quasar
 $ hu_overlay distributed

If string arguments contain whitespace, they must be in quotations. Quotations around strings are otherwise optional.

 $ echo "This has to be in quotes"
 $ i_error "R_FindVisplane: no more visplanes!"

Multiple commands can be run from one prompt by separating them with a semicolon.

 $ delay; kill

Variables of type integer, named-value, on / off, and yes / no can be affected by the following operators:

  • +
Affixed to the end of the variable, it will increment it to the next valid value, but no higher than the maximum allowed.
   $ screensize +
  • -
Affixed to the end of the variable, it will decrement it to the next lower valid value, but no lower than the minimum allowed.
   $ screensize -
  • /
Toggles through the variable values from minimum to maximum, wrapping around to the minimum value again when it is maxed out. This is most useful with two-state yes/no and on/off variables.
   $ hu_overlay /

List of console commands and variables[edit]

See List of console commands and variables