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SargAttack12(mod, mul, pufftype) This codepointer exists since July 29 2014. It causes a melee range hitscan attack similar to player's punch and the same as the demon attacks from old Doom versions (e.g. 1.2). As such, unlike Scratch, SargAttack and others, it can accidentally hit other creatures than the intended target, especially when the target is partially invisible. It's subjected to the same limitations as other hitscan attacks and it cannot, for example, hit archvile raised "ghosts".

In addition to the old Doom behaviour, this codepointer is parameterized:

  • mod, damage modulus. Default: 10;
  • mul, damage multiplier. Default: 4.
  • pufftype, optional pufftype entry to spawn when hitting a wall.

The damage is random and the formula is this: random(1..mod) * mul. Leaving the parameters default will make it inflict 4-40 damage on each hit, like the demon.

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