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ACS function[edit]

SetActorProperty(tid, property, value)
GetActorProperty(tid, property)
CheckActorProperty(tid, property, value)

These functions access a property for actors tagged tid. Property is one of the constants starting with APROP_. Value can be expressed into a form supported by the given property type. See the following table.

Use SetActorProperty to set a property (not all are writable and will be marked in the table). Use GetActorProperty to return a property's value. You can also use CheckActorProperty to check equality of a property with a given value.

Property Type Notes Description
APROP_Health int current thing health
APROP_Speed int/float read-only thing speed, commonly expressed in int for monsters or in float for projectiles
APROP_Damage int thing damage - usually projectile or lost soul impact damage
APROP_Alpha float thing opacity, expressed between 0.0 and 1.0
APROP_Ambush bool whether the thing has the AMBUSH flag, i.e. reacts to gunshots
APROP_Invulnerable bool whether the thing has the INVULNERABLE flag
APROP_Friendly bool whether the thing has the FRIEND flag
APROP_SpawnHealth int read-only thing initial health at spawn time, usually its maximum
APROP_Dropped bool whether the thing has the DROPPED flag. Ammo dropped from monsters has this flag.
APROP_TargetTID int TID of thing's target (or projectile's spawner), or 0 if no target
APROP_TracerTID int TID of seeker missile's target (0 if none)
APROP_ScaleX float X scale of sprite
APROP_ScaleY float Y scale of sprite
APROP_Dormant bool whether thing has the DORMANT flag
APROP_Counter0, up to
int thing counter value

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