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Powerful codepointer which allows construction of custom monster bullet attacks. This pointer is capable of emulating any of the built-in player or monster bullet attacks, as well creating many completely new ones (including a super shotgun attack for monsters).


BulletAttack(sound, accuracy, number, factor, modulus, pufftype)


  • sound = name or Dehacked number of sound to play (default of 0 = no sound)
  • accuracy = Select accuracy (default of 0 = 1)
    • 1 or ba_always = Always accurate
    • 2 or ba_never = Never accurate (moderate horizontal spread with no vertical error)
    • 3 or ba_ssg = Super Shotgun accuracy (wide horizontal spread with moderate vertical error)
    • 4 or ba_monster = Monster accuracy (very wide horizontal spread)
  • number = Number of bullet tracers to fire (default of 0 = 0)
  • factor = Damage factor (Damage formula is: factor * (rnd() % modulus + 1))
  • modulus = Damage modulus (Forced into range of 1 to 256)
  • pufftype = name of EDF pufftype to use when hitting walls. Default type is the one designated for the game.


No examples given.


The accuracy parameter for this pointer differs slightly from the Args2 parameter to the FireCustomBullets player codepointer. The value which allows "first fire only" accuracy is not available for monsters.

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