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Type: Miscellaneous, normal

Purpose: Boss spawn cube spawning function. If the spawn cube has not reached its target spot, which is judged by a precomputed amount of time having passed, nothing will occur. Otherwise, a BossSpawnFire object will be spawned at the object's (x,y) location on the floor of its sector, the "telept" sound will be played, and one of the following monsters will be spawned at the same point, with the approximate probability listed for that type:

                  Type     Probability   Type number (*)
          * DoomImp --------- 19.5% --------  1
          * Demon ----------- 15.6% --------  2
          * Spectre --------- 11.7% --------  3
          * Cacodemon ------- 11.7% --------  5
          * Mancubus -------- 11.7% --------  9
          * HellKnight ------  9.3% -------- 10
          * Arachnotron -----  7.8% --------  8
          * PainElemental ---  3.9% --------  4
          * Revenant --------  3.9% --------  7
          * BaronOfHell -----  3.9% -------- 11
          * Archvile --------  0.7% --------  6

Friendliness of the spawn cube object will be transferred to the spawned monster. The spawned monster will telefrag anything occupying its location. The spawned monster will immediately awaken if it can either see a target, or a target has made sound in the area at any time in the past. The spawn cube object will remove itself after the spawning operation takes place.

Notes: Spawn cubes can occasionally miss their target. This is due to round-off error in the calculation used to determine the amount of time the cube should travel. If this happens, the cube will travel in a straight path for an undetermined amount of time. (*) -- This number indicates the order of the thing types in the EDF boss_spawner_types list. EDF allows the thing types spawned by this codepointer to be edited. See the EDF Reference for more information.