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Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thnakufl for your help.
Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thnakufl for your help.
Superbly illuminating data here, tnhaks!
* -affinity <num> : Enables processor affinity mask to stop SDL_mixer crashes on multicore processors. Expert setting only.
* -blockmap : Enables MBF blockmap builder for all levels.
* -cdrom : Game is running from a cd-rom. Data is written to C:\DOOMDATA. Does not work in Linux.
* -grabmouse : Enables mouse input grabbing.
* -nograbmouse : Disables mouse input grabbing.
* -numparticles <n> : Sets the static particle limit to n.
* -speed <n> : Sets game speed to n% of normal speed. Range is 10 to 1000.
* -statcopy : Does nothing. Enabled external statistics driver in Vanilla Doom.
Great hmamer of Thor, that is powerfully helpful!

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This is a list of all command line parameters that are supported by the Eternity Engine, along with detail about their functions. Most of the options available through the command line are also settable with the Eternity Frontend.

See also: Command line arguments on the Doom Wiki


  • -exec <filename> : Executes the indicated file as a console script at game startup.
  • -nocscload : Disables autoloaded console scripts for this play session only.


  • -devparm : Enables FPS ticker and screenshots with F1 key (id development mode)


  • -bex <filename> ... : Alias for -deh.
  • -bexout <filename> : Alias for -dehout.
  • -deh <filename> ... : Loads one or more DeHackEd/BEX patch files.
  • -dehout <filename> : Enables verbose DeHackEd parser logging.

Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thnakufl for your help.

Superbly illuminating data here, tnhaks!


  • -loadgame <n> : Loads the savegame in slot n (0-7).
  • -save <path> : Sets the directory from/to which savegames are loaded and saved.

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  • -8in32 : Runs Eternity in a 32-bit video mode and crossblits the 8-bit framebuffer to the screen. Circumvents some SDL palette issues, but is slower.
  • -directx : Windows only. Selects the DirectX 5.0 SDL video driver.
  • -frame : Creates a main window with a frame (this is on by default for windowed modes and off for fullscreen).
  • -fullscreen : Toggles fullscreen mode.
  • -gdi : Windows only. Selects the Win32 GDI SDL video driver.
  • -geom <geomstring> : Sets the video mode using a Geom string.
  • -noblit : Disables blitting for benchmark testing.
  • -nodraw : Disables all screen drawing.
  • -noframe : Opposite of -frame, creates a frameless window, if possible on the current platform.
  • -nofullscreen : Alias for -window.
  • -novsync : Disables waiting for vsync.
  • -vheight <n> : Sets screen height to n; current limits are 200 to 1600.
  • -vsync : Enables waiting for vsync.
  • -vwidth <n> : Sets screen width to n; current limits are 320 to 2560.
  • -window : Toggles windowed mode.

Wads and other files

  • -base <path> : Sets the base path to the indicated path. The path must be a directory, not a file.
  • -config <filename> : Game will use the given configuration file.
  • -file <filename> ... : Loads one or more WAD or lump files. Lump file names must be 8 characters or less with .lmp extension added.
  • -game <name> : Causes Eternity to use the named game folder under its current base path.
  • -gfs <filename> : Loads the given GFS script. GFS scripts may load WADs, DEH/BEX files, EDF, and console scripts.
  • -iwad <filename> : Specifies the given WAD file as the IWAD.
  • -noload : Disables autoloaded WADs and DEH/BEX patches during this play session only.
  • -nowadhacks : Disables automatic application of wad directory hacks to known broken WAD files, such as Gothic DM 2.
  • -showhashes : Enables display of WAD header/directory SHA-1 hashes on the system console.


  • -donut <height> <pic> : Enables donut overflow emulation using the specified parameters.
  • -fastdemo <filename> : Plays the given demo as fast as possible.
  • -longtics : Enables v1.91 longtics demo recording when used with -vanilla.
  • -maxdemo <n> : Sets the initial size of the demo recording buffer. This is no longer a hard limit, and the buffer will expand if the given limit is exceeded.
  • -play : Alias for -playdemo.
  • -playdemo <filename> : Plays the given demo.
  • -record <filename> : Records this play session as a demo named "filename".
  • -recorddemo : Alias for -record.
  • -recordfrom
  • -spechit <number> : Enables spechits overflow emulation with the given magic number.
  • -timedemo <filename> : Plays the given demo normally and reports FPS information at exit.
  • -vanilla : Enables recording of v1.9-compatible demo files.