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3DMidTex are useful for more than just bridges. This tutorial will walk you through the process of making a door, a lift, and a floating switch. If you have not read the first tutorial, you may want to read 3DMidTex tutorial.

3DMidTex switches

When a 3DMidTex line has a linedef switch special, the 3DMidTex acts as the switch, and is height restrictive. This means the player has to be touching the switch (on the Z axis, as well as X and Y) to trigger it.

Linking a 3DMidTex to sector movement

Eternity provides linedef specials which allow you to link sector movement (either floor or ceiling) to 3DMidTex lines. Using these specials you can create any kind of moving structure.

Special 281 - Link linedef front sector floor movement to all tagged 3DMidTex lines.
Special 282 - Link linedef front sector ceiling movement to all tagged 3DMidTex lines.

(Note: In Doom Builder's current Eternity configuration, these specials can be found in the "Sector" category.)

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