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Eternity supports the common UMAPINFO lump, a standard defined in PrBoom+um. All its specification is available on the PrBoom+um space. Make sure to adhere to the strict standard if you want the maps to be playable on all implementing ports. Otherwise, if you make the mod for Eternity, EMAPINFO is more recommended, since it contains the entire feature set.

UMAPINFO - EMAPINFO equivalence table[edit]

UMAPINFO property EMAPINFO equivalent
levelname, label Both of these influence levelname and inter-levelname
levelpic levelpic
next nextlevel. Beware that omitting next in UMAPINFO will reset nextlevel to the next numbered map (if following the ExMy/MAPxy format).
nextsecret nextsecret. Same situations as with UMAPINFO next.
skytexture skyname. For more advanced sky effects, you need EMAPINFO.
music music. Beware that in UMAPINFO you must specify the entire lump length (including D_ or MUS_, based on game).
exitpic interpic
enterpic enterpic
partime partime
endgame = false
finaletype text
endofgame false
finale-early false
endgame = true Effect depends on the current episode (if map lump is named in a standard manner).
endofgame false
finaletype endpic
endpic lump

It also enables the finale for both the normal and secret exits.

endbunny = true
endofgame false
finaletype doom_bunny

It also enables the finale for both the normal and secret exits.

endcast = true
endofgame true
finaletype text
nointermission finale-early
intertext, intertextsecret' Like intertext and intertext-secret but gets the text directly from UMAPINFO. It also sets or clears finale-normal and finale-secret.
interbackdrop inter-backdrop
intermusic intermusic
episode EDF menu reference. See mn_episode in particular. If mod has this EDF menu defined, it takes priority over UMAPINFO.
bossaction levelaction-bossdeath. However, the UMAPINFO always uses classic specials, whereas the EMAPINFO version uses UDMF parameterized specials. Clearing bossaction is like setting EMAPINFO boss-specials 0.

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