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The S_SKIN lumps are player skin definition from DOOM Legacy. ZDoom also uses these lumps, extending the format with new features. Please use EDF for any new skins in Eternity. Keep this format just for cross-port compatibility.


There can be more than one S_SKIN lump in the wad. All of them must start with "S_SKIN", followed by two optional characters, e.g. "S_SKIN01". Only one skin definition is allowed per lump, so for each new skin, you need to create a new lump.

The S_SKIN content is just a collection of keys and values, optionally joined by equal (=).

The attributes you can set are:

  • name (required)
The name of the skin in the Player Setup menu. It's also used by the EDF playerclass defaultskin.
  • sprite
Must be four upper-case characters which make the name of the sprite of this skin. It is case sensitive. If omitted, it will use the first four letters of the next lump in the WAD.
Unlike regular sprites, the sprite referred by this field doesn't need to have its frame lumps contained within S_START and S_END.
  • face
Up to three letters which make the prefix of the DOOM status bar faces. By default it's STF.
  • dsplpain
  • dspdiehi
  • dsoof
  • dsslop
  • dspunch
  • dsradio
  • dspldeth
  • dsplfall
  • dsplfeet
  • dsfallht
  • dsplwdth
  • dsnoway
Replacement sounds for this skin. If omitted, it will use the corresponding default player sound. Unlike sprite, this is case insensitive.
Note that you can provide any EDF sound name here, not just lump names. Be careful that any name which starts with "ds" will have these two letters skipped, no matter if they are part of the EDF sound name or not. To avoid this issue, use the EDF skin definition instead.


You can start comments with any of these marks: // # ;

// This is a comment.
#  This is also a comment.
;  Also this is a comment.


// Zombie-like player skin
name zombie
sprite POSS
face ZTF
dsplpain dspopain

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