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Type: AI pointer, normal

Causes an object to walk around in randomly chosen directions, whether it has no target or has acquired a target via being damaged. Neither friends nor enemies using this pointer will follow the player at any time. This pointer has a 24/256 chance of setting the object back to its spawn state once movement in one direction has stopped. If the spawn state doesn't call RandomWalk, this allows the object to periodically stop movement. It is possible for a thing using RandomWalk to transfer to use of normal AI via Look and Chase, but note that if a thing using RandomWalk walks into a sector where alerting sound has occurred at any time during gameplay, it would awaken instantly if the Look pointer was then used. Things using this pointer will not continue to walk into obstructions, but will choose a different random direction in which to walk. Things using this pointer never attack while walking, though it is possible to set up retaliatory attacks from a thing's other states, such as the pain state, in concert with the TargetJump codepointer.

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