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Plays a sound, allowing various customization settings.


PlaySoundEx(soundname, channel [, loop [, attenuation [, volume]]])


  • soundname: The "nice name" of the sound to play. See the Sound EDF block documentation for how to define this.
  • channel: The channel to play the sound on. Sound played on separate channels will not interfere with each other. Valid values are:
    • chan_auto, 0
    • chan_weapon, 1
    • chan_voice, 2
    • chan_item, 3
    • chan_body, 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
  • loop: If true, the sound will play in a continuous loop.
  • attenuation: Controls how the sound falls off with distance. Legal values are:
    • attn_normal: Use the close_dist and clipping_dist fields defined in the sound definition.
    • attn_idle: Use DOOM's normal default sound attenuation behavior.
    • attn_static: Fades quickly (inaudible from 512 units).
    • attn_none: Plays at this ambience definition's volume level regardless of distance.
  • volume: The volume to play the sound at, this can be a value from 0-127. 0, being the default, is equivalent to 127.


Frame definition:

frame DEMOFRAME   { cmp = "TROO | A | * | -1 | PlaySoundEx(Cow_Moo, chan_body, 0, attn_idle) | @next" }


Each actor has its own set of channels to play sounds on, so sounds played by different actors will not affect each other. This function allows sounds to be played on a specific channel, which can allow for multiple sounds generated from one actor simultaneously that would normally cut each other off, or other special effects.

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