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(If you have not read Portals, please do so now before reading this article.)

WARNING: Linked portals are currently an in development feature and object movement through them is not yet fully implemented. Usage of linked portals for gameplay purposes is NOT recommended at this time of writing.

Linked portals are a powerful feature which make it possible to connect two separate areas of a map via the floor/ceiling or one-sided linedefs, allowing the player to see, shoot, and even move seamlessly from one area into another. They are used similarly to two-way portals, apart from the fact that you can pass through them. They can be used to create 3D architecture and room-over-room effects, with very few limitations.

Line triggers

#     Class  Trig Description

358   Ext    --   Apply linked portal to like-tagged ceilings

359   Ext    --   Apply linked portal to like-tagged floors

360   Ext    --   Linked portal anchor line for special 358

361   Ext    --   Linked portal anchor line for special 359

376   Ext    --   Apply linked portals to like-tagged lines

377   Ext    --   Anchor line for special 376

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Linked portals use trigger and anchor lines (much like anchored portals) to determine an X and Y offset from one part of the map to another, but there are specific requirements unique to linked portals:

  • Linked portals must be two-way, meaning the upper area must reference the lower area and visa versa.
  • Linked portals have specific behavior relating to z-coordinates of the portal plane.

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Refer to Zarkyb's linked portals tutorial for in-depth information on usage.