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Parameterized action, semi-equivalent to ZDoom A_Explode extensions.


DetonateEx(damage, radius, hurt_self, does_alert, arg4, arg5, arg6, does_z_clip, is_spot_source)


  • damage: maximum explosion damage, on point of impact (default 128)
  • radius: explosion radius (default 128)
  • hurt_self: if nonzero, bomb will hurt the shooter (default 1)
  • does_alert: if nonzero, alerts enemies (default 0)
  • arg4, arg5, arg6: reserved, must be 0
  • does_z_clip: if nonzero, explosion checks z distance (default 0)
  • is_spot_source: if nonzero, the bomb takes blame for damage, not the shooter or the actor that damaged it before, as with barrels (default 0)


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