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                                             // -1 is the duration of this frame in tics,
                                             // -1 is the duration of this frame in tics,
                                             // with "-1" meaning forever.
                                             // with "-1" meaning forever.
Now, you can either create a map and place thingtype 30000 in it, or just open your wad in Eternity and enter "summon CacoLamp" into the console. You should now see your very own domesticated Cacodemon floor lamp!
Let's say, though, that we feel this Cacodemon lamp is just not interesting enough yet and want to make it animate. Leaving the thingtype definition alone, we can modify its frames to put it into a looping animation sequence. I've added a commented header line at the top, for clarity. The spacing is just for the sake of matching up the commented header with the fields, and is not actually necessary to the code.
                        // Sprite | Frame | Bright | Duration | Action | Next Frame
frame CACOLAMP_A  { cmp = "HEAD |    A |      * |        6 |      * |      @next" }
frame CACOLAMP_B  { cmp = "HEAD |    B |      * |        6 |      * |      @next" }
frame CACOLAMP_C  { cmp = "HEAD |    C |      T |        6 |      * |      @next" }
frame CACOLAMP_D  { cmp = "HEAD |    D |      T |      12 |      * |      @next" }
frame CACOLAMP_E  { cmp = "HEAD |    C |      T |        6 |      * |      @next" }
frame CACOLAMP_F  { cmp = "HEAD |    B |      * |        6 |      * | CACOLAMP_A" }
This frame sequence will cause our CacoLamp to cycle through its sprite frames A through D and back again, looping back to the original frame, CACOLAMP_A, when it's done.

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