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type: on / off

on = flashing disk icon is used to indicate disk access

off = disk access is silent


type: yes / no

yes = drawing waits for vertical retrace (vsynch)

no = drawing does not wait for vsynch (may cause display tearing)


type: named values

values: use v_modelist command to view available modes

value = video mode


type: named values

values: off, chart, classic, text

value = presence / appearance of an FPS ticker

classic is the original FPS ticker enabled through -devparm in DOOM


type: named values

values: bmp, pcx, png, tga

value = file type written when screenshots are taken


type: yes / no

yes = gamma correction will be applied to screenshots.

no = no gamma correction will be applied to screenshots.


type: integer

value range: 0 - 8

value = size of game screen


type: named values

values: never, always, demos

value = whether or not the screen wipe routine blocks the main game loop.

"demos" means to do this during demo playback only. This allows seeing the first few frames of a demo when watching demos from the command line or a frontend.