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type: yes / no

yes = weapon sprites are drawn as normal

no = no weapon sprites are drawn


type: yes / no

yes = HOM will appear as a red or flashing red area on the screen

no = HOM will appear as a simple lack of screen-redraw


type: on / off

on = the game engine will rebuild blockmaps at run-time

off = the game engine will use prebuilt blockmaps when available


type: on / off

on = when HOM detection is enabled, it will flash between red and black

off = HOM detection appears as solid red

    • This option is important if the user may have an epileptic condition triggered by flashing solid color patterns. It is recommended of course that such persons do not play video games at any rate.


type: on / off

on = visplanes are separated by thin black lines

off = visplanes are not visible to the user

This option is just for technical interest.


type: integer

value range: 0 - 8192

value = zoom level of the game camera


type: on / off

on = short skies will be stretched to accomidate up/down look

off = short skies are tiled (very ugly!)


type: on / off

on = various graphics will be precached at the start of the level

off = graphics are loaded as needed (shorter start up time, but can result in loss of framerate)


type: on / off

on = general translucency is enabled

off = general translucency is disabled (can improve framerate)


type: integer

value range: 0 - 100

value = general global translucency percentage


type: on / off

on = all animated flats use a swirling effect

off = animated flats behave normally

  • NOTE: this option is just for testing / fun -- swirling can be achieved for individual flats through the ANIMATED lump.


type: integer

value range: 0 - 4

value = gamma correction level


type: on / off

on = individually enabled particle effects are drawn

off = no particle effects are drawn


type: named values

values: sprites, particles, both

value = effect used for blood splats


type: named values

values: sprites, particles, both

value = effect used for bullet puffs


type: on / off

on = rockets have a smoke trail effect

off = rockets are normal


type: on / off

on = grenades have a smoke trail effect

off = grenades are normal


type: named values

values: right, left

value = handedness of player -- left causes weapon sprites to be flipped

  • NOTE: due to discrepancies in the original weapon graphics, left vs right handedness is illy-defined and is a popular subject of debate on forums, channels, and sites. This feature is just for fun.


type: named values

values: none, smooth, general

value = translucency type used by particle effects -- smooth is zdoom-style smooth fading, and general is static, BOOM-style translucency as used in Eternity v3.29 Gamma and earlier.


type: on / off

on = BFG projectiles have a particle cloud

off = BFG projectiles are normal