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Console commands carry out a particular action when sent to the console.

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Core commands[edit]

See List of console commands/Core commands


See List of console commands/Menus


See List of console commands/Keybindings


  • disconnect
Disconnects from any ongoing network game and sets full-screen console mode.
Flags: only in network games
  • playerinfo
Displays name information for all connected players.
  • frags
Displays the current frag count for all players.
  • kick playernum
(Currently disabled) Kicks the player with the specified player number from the game. Player numbers can be retrieved with playerinfo.
Flags: server-only
  • say ...
Sends all arguments as a single message to all players in a network game.
Flags: net command


See List of console commands/Cheats

Video Options[edit]


Prints a list of available video modes to the console.

animshot numframes[edit]

Takes the given number of consecutive screenshots for the purpose of making a crude animation. Would be useful for animated GIFs or AVI movies. This command will make the game run very slow, however, and will eat up disk space quickly, so use it with care.


Takes a single screenshot. Bind this command to a key in order to take a shot without the console in the way.

Sound Options[edit]

s_playmusic name[edit]

Plays the given lump as music, if that lump can be found in the music hash table. Only lumps listed in the internal music table, or new lumps with names beginning with "D_" in DOOM or "MUS_" in Heretic are available.

Player Options[edit]


Lists names of all available player skins.


Lists all currently loaded WAD files.


These commands are related to playing / recording demos. For all of these commands, the demo specified by demoname must have been added in either a WAD or on the command-line with the -file option. Demos cannot be played directly from a file name.

timedemo demoname showmenu[edit]

Starts the given demo as a time demo, in which the framerate of the game can be measured. If showmenu is set to 1, a meter comparing the framerate against that of a "fast" machine will be displayed after the demo is complete. Otherwise, the framerate will be printed to the console as a number.

Flags: not in a network game

playdemo demoname[edit]

Plays the given demo normally.

Flags: not in a network game


Stops any currently playing demo and drops to console.

Flags: not in a network game


See List of console commands/Gameplay

Mod information[edit]

See List of console commands/EDF- and ExtraData-Related Commands


  • ev_mapsectorspecs
List out all the sector specials in use on the current map.
  • ev_mapspecials
Lists all linedef specials in current map.