Donut linedef types

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A donut is a very specialized linedef type that lowers a pillar in a surrounding pool, while raising the pool and changing its texture and type.

The tagged sector is the pillar, and its lowest numbered line must be two-sided. The sector on the other side of that is the pool. The pool must have a two-sided line whose second sidedef does not adjoin the pillar, and the sector on the second side of the lowest numbered such linedef is the model for the pool's texture change. The model sector floor also provides the destination height both for lowering the pillar and raising the pool.

No generalized donut linedefs exist, and all are switched or walkover. There is a parameterized special however, Floor_Donut.

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Regular and Extended Donut types
#     Class  Trig

191   Ext    SR
9     Reg    S1
155   Ext    WR
146   Ext    W1